Working Out While I Travel


I am joining my husband this weekend on a business trip to Connecticut.  While I am grateful for a few days away with him (sans children), getting out of my routine sometimes poses a challenge in regards to my workout schedule.  He is going to be attending a conference at the Mohegan Sun which means we will be eating, having a few drinks and I’m hoping to treat myself to a massage!


While there is a small gym there, it is only equipped with a few treadmills, some free weights and not a lot of room.   We have attended this conference at the Mohegan Sun for the past several years so I at least know what to expect now but in the past when trying to plan out my workout routine there, it has posed a few challenges.


When we last attended the conference two years ago (last March we did not attend because I was about to give birth!), I had it in my head that I needed to bring the fitness equipment I was using in order to stick to my schedule and get a great workout in.  Now mind you, two years ago I was not as confident in planning my own exercise routines and had originally planned on using a DVD but the hotel doesn’t have a DVD player in the room! (Seriously this is still a mystery to me, the rooms there have everything except the option to play a DVD).

Anyway, while we were there my schedule had me using a kettlebell workout.  I was convinced that I needed to do this exact routine and since the gym there wasn’t equipped with them, I was hell bent on bringing them with me.  Sounded reasonable enough (to me at least, I was honestly that hell bent on sticking to my schedule), until we got there and I had to lug them all the way up to the room.  I’m not talking like through the lobby door, up the elevator and down a hall.  We literally (or as Chris Trager would say it LIT-ruh-lee) HAD to park a mile away.  I was forced to carry a 17.6 lb kettlebell in one hand and a 26.4 lb kettlebell in the other through the ENTIRE casino.  I was sweating profusely by the time we got up to the room and I must have looked like a complete whack-a-doo attempting to speed walk my way there before I passed out, peed myself ( I really had to pee) or both!

photo 2.PNG

So obviously I had learned my lesson and knew I needed to figure something out this time around.  Thankfully the last time we had traveled together I had figured out a better way of getting my total body strength workout in without bringing all the equipment with me!  I don’t even need to leave the room, bring sneakers or get dressed in anything presentable to do it! SCORE!

Enter the Gymboss interval timer and a good old fashioned bodyweight workout! Honestly, this seems idiotically simple to me right now and I realize how complicated I made it before.  While I have been using the Gymboss timer since I began working out, it never occurred to me then that I could use it for a body weight workout that would be just as effective as using the weights I had lugged along before.


A while back, I discovered Funk Roberts. He has several websites, one being  On there he has LOADS of bodyweight workouts along with video tutorials on how to properly do each exercise for the workout.  I knew all along how to do most of the exercises but I never knew how to actually put it all together effectively.  Most of the workouts have 10 exercises and he instructs you to set the Gymboss for 60 seconds on/ 15 seconds off for 10 rounds and complete 3 times.  Here is an example of one of the workouts that I will be doing:


This is NOT an easy workout and I will be dripping in sweat once I’m done.  The best part about it is that I can do this in the comfort of my own hotel room and not look like an idiot in the gym in front of everyone else! While I realize that this could also be done for reps and I could leave the timer at home, it is so much more effective to try to get in as many reps as possible for each exercise in those 60 seconds as opposed to doing 10 or 15 of each and then moving on.  I often play “beat the buzzer” to get more reps in and then challenge myself the next round to get even more (all while keeping proper form of course) 😉

So there you have it;  an easy but quick and effective hotel room workout! No sneakers, workout clothes or heavy equipment needed!

If you want more information or to see more of Funk Robert’s workouts, click here: Funk Roberts Workouts

If you want more information or would like to purchase a Gymboss, click here: Gymboss Interval Timer

How do you stay fit while you travel? Do you have any tips to make it easier to stay on track?

I was not endorsed for this post in anyway, all ideas are my own and products were purchased by me


2 thoughts on “Working Out While I Travel

    • Thank you! Here now & anxious to get my workout in after driving all morning! I’m gonna check out the gym again to see if anything has changed since we were last here. Unfortunately I’m not that great at running or else I’d probably use the treadmill one of the days to get a workout in!

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