My Double Life


Yes, it’s true. I’ve been leading a double life. Well, on Instagram at least. You see, I have two separate accounts; one health & fitness, one all things mommy & wife. While I know it isn’t uncommon for a lot of people to have a separate IG accounts for fitness or recipes or whatever, I have taken special care to make sure my fitness account was kept a secret from all those I know “in real life” and I had been successful in doing so until yesterday.

I had the bright idea of maybe starting a Facebook page to share my recipes and such on. I really wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with it and I definitely wasn’t sure I wanted to put myself out there that publicly on Facebook (ya know, where all those people I know “in real life” would see it). Nonetheless, I was trying to figure out how stuff was even shared from Instagram to Facebook (my other account is not linked to Facebook at all) and I hit a few buttons and pressed a few things but from what I could tell I didn’t post anything. Then all the sudden a few minutes later my @mommymightgocrazy IG account has like 10 new followers and they’re all people I know IN REAL LIFE!!!

I was frantic! What the heck was going on? I immediately checked Facebook. Did I accidentally post something? What the crap did I do?!? From what I could tell, I didn’t post a thing. There was nothing on my timeline, nothing on my wall, nothing in the feed. I was absolutely baffled. How could all these people I know “in real life” suddenly find my fitness IG account all at the SAME TIME? As I’m desperately trying to figure it out, another handful of familiar friends started following me (turns out if you link the two it notifies Facebook friends on Instagram of your account. NEWS TO ME!).

Now I was terrified. But of what? Why did it make me so upset that these people who are supposed to be my friends find out about the health obsessed, fitness fanatic in me?
The honest answer? The real, no holds barred, post whatever I please, say how I feel ME had been exposed. On any other social media forum, I have always been careful not to over-post and maintain an elusive, mysterious façade then no one could judge me.

That was my fear. What if all the people I know “in real life” think I’m a fitness FREAK? After hours of fretting and over-obsessing over this SNAFU, I’ve come to the conclusion that I really don’t care. These people I know “in real life” can choose to follow me or not follow me. I will continue to post what I want and celebrate my progress and accomplishments because I’m doing this for me, not anyone else (aside from inspiring/motivating/empowering others). Why should I hide what I’m passionate about like it’s something to be ashamed of? Embracing my love for health & fitness on this social platform has brought me a great deal of happiness and amazing opportunities, and I don’t intend to give it up by giving into fear.

As my sister quoted yesterday while trying to comfort me “Don’t let the haters stop you from doing your thang.” – Mean Girls

Do you have a separate IG account for your fitness journey?
Do you keep it hidden or am I just crazy?
Have you ever let fear of judgement stop you from pursuing your dreams?


10 thoughts on “My Double Life

  1. haha! You have been exposed!

    I do not have 2 separate accounts for any social media except FB. I have thought about creating a separate acct on IG because I’m sure some of my “real life” friends get tired of my blog related stuff but, I figure if they don’t like it then they can un-follow me. And also for privacy reasons too I have thought about having separate accts but, that is just too much work, for me. I did start a FB page just for my blog cuz I’m sure my FB “real life” friends/family get tired of my posts about running, paleo etc. oh well! that is life….Who cares that is why they invited the un-follow button or the block feature πŸ™‚

    • Like you said, if they get tired of it they can un-follow you!! I don’t post nearly as often on my personal account as I do my fitness account so it’s not terribly hard for me to manage. Plus I use an app called Instagrab that let’s you manage multiple accounts! Anyway, you do an awesome job with your blog and I enjoy reading it, it’s awesome!

  2. Good for you (even if it was by mistake)! πŸ™‚ I don’t know why it can be so tough to let the people we love know the “real” us. I can definitely understand that feeling of keeping your fitness life private from your “public” life. But now you can inspire even MORE people!! πŸ™‚

    • Aww thank you!!! It’s funny because my husband hasn’t even read my blog posts or really looked at my Instagram so I felt really vulnerable when all these other people I know started seeing it. Oh well, maybe it’s for the best and I’ll connect with people I live near that I didn’t realize shared the same passion too!! πŸ™‚

  3. fitmamalove

    Do you post about your blog on Facebook? That was really hard for me. I think I blogged for two months (with hardly anyone reading) because I was too afraid to let people I know in real life read what I wrote. Then I realized that I needed to share with them if I actually wanted people to readmy blog!

    • No I haven’t yet! I think it’s mostly out of fear, like you said! Plus I wanted to have some real content on there before I went and posted it for everyone I know to read. I definitely think now that I have people I know in real life following my Instagram, I might take the step of sharing my blog posts on Facebook too πŸ™‚

  4. radicallyfit

    Totally understand you on this one!!! I have a private account that I barely use anymore because I’ve been too focused on my fitness! Keep doing what your doing! People choose to follow you!! It’s their choice to follow you! Keep doing your thing !!! Your very inspirational to me!!!

    • Aww thank you!!! I love that we’ve connected through Instagram, I love following your journey, you inspire me as well! It’s so funny you say that you barely use your personal account now because I’m the same way! I forget to check it for days because I’m so wrapped up in my fitness account, haha!

  5. I have a like page on fb but I also share recipes and post fitness related stuff in my personal page because it’s who I am. If my “real life friends” dont want to see an awesome healthfied recipe or a pic of me working out with my 3 year old then I’m sorry but they aren’t really my friend.
    Just be you! I love your fitness IG and learn a lot from it and this blog. Just think about the opportunity you now have to inspire your friends and family to be healthier. I’ve heard exercise is contagious πŸ˜‰

    • Aww, thank you!!! I realize that if they don’t wanna see it, they don’t have to follow it and like you said I should just be me because it’s who I am! I am thinking of starting a Facebook page to share my blog posts/recipes on. Have you had a lot of success with it? Do you have any advice for me?? Facebook is one social media forum I don’t spend much time on anymore.

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