CNY Springtime 10k Recap


So I did it, I ran a 10k race! I never actually believed that would happen but it did and even though it was one of the toughest courses I have ever ran on (which isn’t saying much because I haven’t run a lot of races), I still did it! I am told that because of the amount of hills and the steepness of them that this is one of the hardest courses to run in our area.  In fact, it is the same course that is used for the Syracuse Ironman 70.3.

So what did I do to prepare for such a race? Let me tell you.

I actually spent the night at my friend’s house who was the one that encouraged me to sign up for this 10k in the first place.  Given that I live about 50 minutes away from the race site and it started at 8:00 in the morning, I elected spend the night in Syracuse as opposed to driving there and getting up early in the AM.

Prior to the race I ate toast with almond butter with a giant cup of fresh ground coffee and of course drank a lot of water! According the the earlier weather forecast, it was supposed to be the 50’s and was excited because that is my optimal racing temp.  Unfortunately it was SUPER cold and thank goodness I had dressed in layers!

photo 3

(Seriously that is freezing especially on a lake!)

Needless to say, I was seriously anxious for the race to start because I was so cold that I just wanted to run to keep warm.  Here is my pre race, look how cold and cute I am photo:

photo 1-4

(That is my awesome friend that I ran the race with!)

And here is a picture of the crowd at the starting line right before we started:

photo 2-5

(See that girl in the blue? She’s really, really cold)

Here is a picture overview of the course:


Now to my descriptive overview of the course:

Finally after standing there freezing our butts off for what felt like forever, the horn was blown and we were off! I wish that I had taken pictures during the race to show how gorgeous the course was and to show you the stream of runners all going up the hill that lay ahead of us, but my fingers were far too cold to fumble with my phone was I was trying to concentrate running a race.

We encountered what we assumed was our first hill right about the time we finished with mile one.  We had heard about this HUGE hill we were going to have to manage our way up and thought maybe this was it. Yeah, not so much. That hill was more like a bunny hill compared to what was ahead.  Somewhere in and around the end of mile two, we finally came face to face with this hill and let me tell you, not only was it HUGE, it was STEEP!

My friend and I used all the energy we could muster to make our way up this thing at a racing pace and once we finally managed to get to the top and thought we had conquered it, we were faced with yet ANOTHER HILL! It wasn’t as steep but it certainly went on FOREVER.  Finally at the top of this hill was a dead end with our turn around point and as they say, it was all downhill from there (but in a good racing way).  Everything really did seem a bit easier once we made our way back to the finish, except the first bunny hill that we now had to climb back over.  Once we made our way to the top of that, the finish line was in sight (actually it was around the corner, but we knew it was there).  We picked up the pace a bit and with about 200 yards left, we made a mad dash so that we could have a finish time of exactly an hour! While that might not seem like a huge accomplishment to the seasoned runner, it was a victory to us! Those hills were KILLER and we busted our butts!

See, look…we did it! With 7 seconds to spare 🙂


Here is our post race, hot mess photo:

photo 4-2

(Happy we are alive & excited to be done!)

After that it was time for some scrumptious post-race eats! How seriously yummy does this breakfast look?

photo 2-6

photo 5-3

photo 1-5

Oh and other than this little SNAFU I discovered upon arriving back at my vehicle, it was a great day!

photo 3

Yeah, that would be my car that some wonderful citizens of Syracuse decided to vandalize. Thankfully, they didn’t really take anything of value but it was not how I wanted to spend the rest of my day! Too bad for them the ziplock bag of Cheez-It’s they stole was two years old (JOKES ON YOU SUCKAAAAA!)

How do you overcome a run with great, big hills? Do you have a game plan for tough courses or do you just run and hope you make it? Also, who steals Cheez-It’s out of a locked car?



16 thoughts on “CNY Springtime 10k Recap

  1. ranchcookie

    That is horrible what happened to your car!
    But awesome race it looked like it was so fun, races always are with friends 🙂
    And girl that coffee drink! YUM!

    • Dealing with the car fiasco was annoying but I didn’t let it overshadow the fun from race day! It really was an awesome race and you’re right, races are so much fun with friends!! Oh and yes, the coffee was to die for!!! I couldn’t resist photographing 😉

  2. radicallyfit

    Wahooo!!!! Awesome job!!! How many miles is 10k?!? Sounds like you had a blast!!! Sucks about that car 😦 , idiots! When’s the next race?!?!

    • Thank you!!! It’s 6.2 miles and it was a ton of fun even though it was hilly! 🙂 I’m trying to figure out what race I’m going to sign up for next! I’ve got the fever now!!!

      • radicallyfit

        I know right!! That’s why I should sign up for the Vegas one!!! 😉 still thinking about it! After my exams I need to start working full time!! Yes, I am signed up for races (my sister just signs me up with her, and I just pay her back lol). I’ve been signed up for May 4, for MS, May 11, for a Mother’s Day run, June 15 for a Father’s Day one, July 19 for color me rad! Lol gonna be a summer full of running!!!

      • I definitely think you should do the Vegas one 😀 That’s amazing that you’re signed up for all of those races!! Good for you!! That is inspiring me to look into more here locally that I can sign up for! I’ve been dying to do a color me rad race but I’m not sure when they are doing one around here again!!

      • radicallyfit

        Hey, so I just read this! And of course anything to take me away from studying….. Didn’t your post today mention Syracuse?!?! They have a color me rad in Syracuse on May 4!!!!

      • I just looked it up, you’re right!!! I don’t know why I didn’t know that?!? Unfortunately I have stuff going on that day so I won’t be able to go, booo!!! 😦

  3. wayfindinglibrarian

    Oh my! So sorry about your car! I was at this race this morning too and on my way actually thought “Hmmm a race parking lot is like a criminal jackpot–everyone leaves their valuables in the car while they are running”. Myself included. So sorry this happened to you. And congratulations on your accomplishment! Those hills were nuts!!!

    • Thank you!!! Those hills were nuts, definitely didn’t know what to expect. I really did enjoy the experience, especially crossing the finish line! You’re definitely right about racing parking lots being a jack pot for criminals! My car happened to be parked elsewhere and several other cars were broken into as well but it wouldn’t surprise me if there’s a high rate of theft in race parking lots!!!

  4. Train for hills??? Um….I just hope for the best. Probably not the smartest way to train BUT the runs that I have done have been all on flat land OR down hill. Take that back, the runs in AZ/Vegas. Now when I did Ragnar last year I did have 1 leg of the race that was hilly through Carlsbad CA. I did have an bad leg injury in the Rock n Roll 1/2 in San Diego going down hill, running on an on ramp. Didn’t know that I had injured my leg till after the race THANKFULLY since it was only mile 4/5. Took me about a month before I realized that it wasn’t getting better finally went to my chiro who then spent the next month working on my leg as well as therapy, icing & stretching 3 times a week!!

    I would actually steal 3 year old Cheez-Its…..2 years…not so much.

    • I just heard about Ragnar recently and it looks like a lot of fun but I don’t even know what it entails! I can imagine it’s hard!!! Oh and I will make sure to bring you some 3 year old Cheez-it’s for you to snack on post race in Vegas 😉

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