Running Update & Two Fun 5k Races


I have been patiently waiting for the weather to get warmer here so that I could start my half marathon training and stay on schedule.  I thought that since it was nearing the end of April I would been at least a week or two into it by now but Mother Nature clearly has other plans.  It actually snowed here last week, is she being serious?!? Anyway, I got sick of waiting and decided I was going to go for a run this morning even though it was just above the 30 degree mark.  I made it a whole 1.25 miles and my fingers were so cold that I decided to turn around (I was also very underdressed).  I was able to see this pretty sunrise though so it was sorta worth it!


Oh well, hoping the weather starts to warm up in the next week so I can stay on track with a running schedule.  I swear if it snows again here I am up and moving to Arizona 😉 (Keep a room open at the Inn, Redd!)

Even though I haven’t been able to run consistently, I have still signed up for a few races before my half marathon to keep me motivated.  Unfortunately these aren’t until August and September but they’re both fun and different so I have to tell you about them.

Vino and the Beasts 5k- August 16, 2014


This is a 5k obstacle race that takes place through a vineyard and you have to maneuver your way in, around and through obstacles.  I did this race last year with my sister and we had a BLAST! You actually get to drink wine while you run (they serve it at the water stations).  I can’t even begin to tell you how much fun this race is.  I really enjoyed having the obstacles there to break up the run, my favorite being the cargo net you have to climb over.  I literally felt like a spider monkey/little kid and thought it was the most fun thing ever! Best part about this race is that when you finish, you have an all access pass to tour the three wineries that are on the grounds where the course is located! There is even a brewery there and last year I brought home a growler of riesling ale…yummy! I have been looking forward to running this race again since the minute it ended last year.  I don’t want to wish the summer away but please hurry up and get here August 16th!

The other race I signed up for is in September and I am equally as excited for that as well.

2014 Rivertown Strollerderby 5k Run/Walk


This race was brought to my attention by Lindsay from She Mom Fitness and I’m so glad she did! Hastings-on-the-Hudson is about a 4 1/2 hour drive from me but I saw the word “strollerderby” and I was sold.  Plus whats even better, a portion of the proceeds go to the non-profit organization, Family-to-Family in order to launch a new fitness program in Westchester called “She-Sole”. “She-Sole” will provide jogging strollers, baby carriers, running sneakers and fitness/running focused programming to disadvantaged mothers. How awesome is that? Seriously though, I think that is amazing and it really speaks to my heart considering I used to work at a non-profit advocating for women.

If you’re in the NYC area or are within traveling distance, I absolutely think this race would be worth attending.  Not only do the proceeds benefit something awesome but there is also a $1000 prize for 1st place! If you’re interested and want to sign up you can go to  Also, keep your eyes open for a follow-up post…I might just have some giveaways related to the race 🙂

What races have you signed up for this year that you can’t wait for? Is the weather any warmer where you are or is it wreaking havoc on your running schedule too?


8 thoughts on “Running Update & Two Fun 5k Races

  1. Boo to a cold April, as a runner it’s horrible. I’m struggling to be outside ready for the goat, too many runs have been on the treadmill. I need summer ASAP! A strollerderby? That sounds fun! We thought about signing up for the vino and the beast but now we have a wedding that day! Good luck!

    • It has just been nasty out! Good luck & have fun at the Mountain Goat!!! Wish I had enough training under my belt to sign up, I hear those hills are rough! Too bad you can’t do vino & the beasts, that would have been fun to meet up there! Are you still doing the Arc half you mentioned to me in the Fall? I think I might sign up!

  2. FOUND IT!!! LOL Now I see how it works! Although I am not too sure that I was notified…or maybe it doesn’t do that? Great blog on running! Vino the Beast sounds like my kind of run 🙂

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