Besides All the Things I Want to Buy, Here Are the Things I Want to Try:


About two weeks ago I wrote a post about what I’m going to buy or hopefully add to my home gym collection soon! I meant to include what I’d like to try as well in that post but I ran out of time.

Anyway, to continue, here are two fitness related things I’ve been dying to try!


The first is DDP Yoga. DDP stands for Diamond Dallas Page (a former pro wrestler) and he created a yoga program after injuring his back. I first saw DDP Yoga on Shark Tank (my husband loves that show we religiously watch Shark Tank Tuesday and the new episodes every Friday). He presented it with this tough and confident attitude with the tag line “It Ain’t Your Momma’s Yoga” and I have to say it left me intrigued.

I’m not one to fall for gimmicks and such but I’ve never been able to get into yoga because I’m not patient enough even though I know I should be doing it (honestly, I don’t even take the time to cool down after a workout!). I like workouts that leave me feeling like I’ve earned my sweat and since DDP Yoga combines traditional fitness exercises, dynamic resistance along with sports therapy exercises and yoga, I think it’s something I just might be able to get into!

I haven’t had the opportunity to try it yet but I joined a March fitness challenge group on Twitter and they were all DDP Yoga fanatics which only left me more curious and more excited to try it out! I’m hoping I get to soon and when I do I’ll post a blog write-up on what I thought!

Ok the next thing I’ve been dying to try and think would be fun to own (if I had $$ to throw away) is the Nexersys machine, which I also ironically saw on Shark Tank but had heard about several months beforehand.


The Nexersys is a piece of fitness equipment that claims to provide a full body workout using HIIT (High intensity interval Training) workouts in an interactive fashion. It’s pretty much a fitness gaming system that has a built in trainer. I’m not a gamer by any means (I think the last gaming system I played on was a Sega in like 1994), but how cool is it that you can hit, punch & kick this thing and it yells at you to do so?!?

There are over 100 workouts to choose from (or you can customize your own), three different fitness levels and even a multi-player setting!!! That’s not all though (I’m saying this in my best infomercial voice), it provides you with a results analysis too! Meaning that at the end of the workout it’ll tell you how many times you hit, how accurate your hit was and how much power you used!! Whaaaat?!? Why can’t I own one so I can play right NOW?!? Ugh. This would so be my next big purchase if I had an extra three grand to blow! I’ll just have to settle for finding one somewhere and trying it out 🙂

So I’m sure I could list a million other things I’d wanna buy or want to try but I’ll save them for another post!

What fun fitness things do you want to try or buy? Have you ever tried DDP Yoga? Anyone have a Nexersys and want to invite me over to play?



Want It, Need It, Gotta Have It: Home Gym Edition


I am always on the search for something new to try or some fun piece of equipment to add to my home gym.  I already have a good chunk of equipment for my fitness collection but I’m always wanting more.  Usually I will ask for something for my birthday or Christmas or Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day or pretty much any time I can find an excuse for my husband to buy me something fitness related. This past Valentine’s Day he bought me lebert equalizers  and for my birthday this past year he bought me battling ropes! I honestly really have enough equipment to keep myself in shape but much like a kid in a candy store; I want more!

I have been writing down a list of stuff that I am going to buy (or have gifted to me 😉 ), I wish that I could own, or that I really want to try.  I’ll start first with what I’m going to buy.




TRX stands for Total Body Resistance Exercise and it leverages gravity and body weight for total body training.  Not only is it portable but there are literally hundreds of exercises that you can do with it. I have been wanting a TRX for a long time now and I found the perfect excuse to ask for it for this upcoming Mother’s Day.
Let me go off topic here for just a minute and explain the scenario that crafted my excuse to ask (or demand) this as a gift. You see, my husband goes to Vegas every year on a guys trip and he happened to book this year’s trip without consulting a calendar or better yet HIS WIFE in regards to the date. It just so happens he picked the one weekend that’s supposed to be reserved for the women who raise you or ya know, BIRTH YOUR CHILDREN. I think I was upset for an entire minute when I realized that I could absolutely use this to my advantage in the gift giving department.
For a split second I desired a handbag but then I snapped out of it and immediately requested a TRX. I have to wait for Mother’s Day-ish to get it but I can assure you, I WILL get it and I can’t wait to incorporate it in my fitness routine. 🙂

The next thing that I am itching to buy and hoping to add to my collection soon (can Flag Day be made into a gifting holiday???), is a plyo box set!




Plyo box exercises are great for increasing explosiveness and agility so you can go higher, harder, faster and be stronger 🙂 While it might be cheaper to just build a plyo box, I am not that handy and neither is my husband. Plus I really like how these are stackable and come in varying heights! I also really want these because it’s a heck of a lot better than what I’m improvising with now.


Yeah, that’s the seat to my husband’s Bowflex. It’s probably not the safest way to be doing plyo work and I’m limited to the number of exercises I can really do. The plyo box set just allows for so many more activities; lateral jumps, box squats, plyo box burpees, dips, jump overs…oh man the list goes on and on!!!! I’m getting a little too excited over them…maybe I can convince the Easter Bunny to leave them next to my basket 😉

Okay, I had originally intended on writing my entire list in this post but it’s getting a little lengthy and my kids are nagging me for food (the nerve!!!). When I have five minutes to myself or they become self sufficient (I’m thinking the latter may come first), I will continue the list in another post!

Hope everyone has a happy Monday 🙂

What equipment do you like to use at home? What’s on your wish list?