Beware of the Sunchokes


So I had originally intended on posting a super awesome recipe for sunchokes in my weekly recipe sharing post.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with sunchokes (as I had been until yesterday), they are a species of sunflower and they are cultivated for their tuber which is used as a root vegetable. They are also known as Jerusalem artichokes although they do not originate from Jerusalem and are in no way related to an artichoke.


(This is a sunchoke)

Anyway, I was so excited when I received a pound of them in my CSA box because I had never tried them and I love experimenting with new foods for dinner! I actually even made them, took pictures of the prep and finished product then consumed a whole side dish of them last night and they were pretty yummy.  So why aren’t I sharing it with you? Let me explain.

I woke up this morning and something was just not right.  Like, Not. Right.  First I assumed it may have had something to do with the flax cereal I had consumed as an after dinner treat (I was STARVING last night and usually don’t eat a snack after dinner). Then, my husband informed me that he felt off too and suggested it might be the sunchokes we ate.  I kinda laughed at him but as the morning progressed and I felt more rotten I decided to do a quick google search to see what I could find out about sunchokes and gastro upset… I quickly stumbled across this blatantly informative article.  For those of you who are too lazy to click on it, I will give a brief synopsis.

Apparently these sunchokes aka Jerusalem artichokes are also known as “fartichokes”.  They weren’t given this name just to be funny, they were nicknamed this so because the sunchokes actually cause gastrointestinal upset due to a carbohydrate they contain called inulin.  Apparently our digestive systems can’t process inulin so it causes an Ex-Lax like effect.

I can personally attest to this, and I really feel the nickname “fartichoke” doesn’t portray the effect from consuming these tubers accurately.  Without being descriptive, lets just say I may have lost a pound or two this morning.

So in the best interest for all of those who were thinking of whipping up a yummy sunchoke side dish, I implore you to think again.  Sure, it sounds fancy and exotic to serve but I assure you the morning after is the furthest thing from fancy that you could imagine. If you have made or consumed sunchokes in the past without much distress then maybe you’re one of the lucky ones that can tolerate and process inulin.  All I know is that I will not be serving or eating them anytime again soon.